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This is a David Tennant as Peter Vincent appreciation post, please feel free to fangirl and/or drool



that little patch of hair under his belly button. hnng.


the swagger, the hair, the chest, the hair, the chest hair.




guyliner and nail polish. and a belly! 


the hair, the belly, happy trail, those pants…the crotch on those pants. 


the crotch, i’ll take care of that itch for you baby!

@ nonny the fic by lunarsilverwolfstarLove Like Ours" is an university AU. Sorry for my lapse!

Still the point stands: put it on your read list :)! You won’t regret it.

Fic Recs

I’ve been asked by a Nonny which AU’s I like. As the important half of the question isn’t visible on tumblr mobile (which bothers me a lot) I’m posting the list again (sorry for the inconvenience)

These are all “real” AUs, which means the characters are either human or have nothing to do with the Whoniverse (okay - one exception is in the list)

kelkat9 “A Dark Path to Redemption" (Ten x Rose, mythological world)

rishidiams “Gallifrey Computing" (Ten x Rose human)

licieoic “Bad Wolf” (WIP - but read it!) (Fairytale AU - it’s mindblowing)

whoinwhoville “The Doctor, the Face and the Bad Wolf" (Ten x Rose in WW II)

hope-the-lionheart “Heartless" (Ficlet, Casino Royale inspired)

allrightfine “A Praise Chorus" (Highshool AU)

AintFraidaNoGhosts ”Ring Around the Rosie" (Ten as an alien detective)

lunarsilverwolfstar “Love Like Ours" (Eleven x Rose, College, WIP)

Laurie Spitzer “The Raven and the Rose" (18th century, Gothic Romance)

thebluewolfhowling “The Balance of the Universe" (based on the film "While you were Sleeping")  

mariechambers “Wishing on Stars"  (very adult, Ten x Rose)

deathlywritings I’d check this author out for lovely AU-ficlets! There are many and each and every one is worth your while!

tennantmeister “First Impressions" is more an UA (universe alteration but Peter Carlisle is so spot on perfect and I love Blackpool so much <3 and this fic…just read it)

Daleoki ”Silence in the Garden" (WIP, Nine as a detective)

professortennant “Outbreak” (Ten xRose, Zombie Apocalypse)

Soooo…I have probably forgotten so many great fics and I am already sorry *hides*. 

Don’t forget to read the author warnings :)

Happy reading!

P.S.: Also check allegoricalrose for a) great stories and b) fantastic fic-rec lists!

pinchtheprincess asked
Rose and Ten didn't do it. Heh. (I'm totally screwing with you because I saw your tags on the 'School Reunion' post where you said he was checking out her chest.)


12 Songs - # 5

This post on allegoricalrose's page gave me the idea to write ficlets based on lyrics from songs I truly love.

Sooo…here goes the fifth ficlet :)

Summary: 12 and Rose meet

Rating: All Ages

Pairing: Twelve x Rose (implied)





Song: Dido - White Flag

And when we meet,
Which I’m sure we will.
All that was there,
Will be there still.
I’ll let it pass,
And hold my tongue,
And you will think,
That I’ve moved on….

(Dido White Flag)

It’s not Wednesday.

Clara is at home, teaching children, doing all that human-y stuff the Doctor pretends do despise.

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@Nonny….lychee pie? Well, whatever makes you happy I suppose^^ (you know, there’s always fan mail for talkin’. *hugs*

I’ve slept less than 4 hours tonight… Wondering why I’m not the slightest bit tired.

Anonymous asked
Forgot the anon button! Ok, sorry, redo-ing my fruit basket in case you want to post or something. A fruit basket from me: A kiwi, a plum, and a green apple. lol, sorry. Love your FF a lot!

Plum: Meh.

Kiwi: Love your blog, equally interested in you as a person.

Green Apple: I would really like to talk to you, but I never will initiate it.

Plum….plums are tasty! Thank you!

Kiwi…Awwwwwwww <333333! I always get so excited whenever I hear someone likes my writing! That never fails to make my day and makes me super duper happy! :D

Green apple…I’m the easiest person to talk to, NGL. Problem is rather to shut me up. Cause I babble, ramble and chatter and don’t even start on DT in case you don’t wanna be tied to me for the next couple hours^^.